Direct mail for marketers

Sending out a personal letter to a business owner, with a handwritten address, almost guarantees that it will be read.

Today when we get overloaded with e-mails direct mail is a good way to capture the attention of a local business owner. Plus if you send it directly to the owner it will get in the right hands right away.

What do you want to include in the direct mail letter?

Ask if they are happy with the amount of clients that they have right now or if they could use some more. You want to tell them about yourself and your company but make sure you focus on how you can help them, make this about them and what they can benefit from your services.

Present the great opportunity that there is online. Show them some numbers of keywords, show them how many are looking for their service monthly.

You can also offer them a specific service, say for example to rank their business in Google Places. If you sell them on something small, they are happy with the result then you can go for the website. Create a website or rank the one they already have.

Put some urgency on them by including a free service or bonus of some kind if they contact you before a certain date. You can also let them know that you will send the same letter to their competitors and that you will only work with for example 1 dentist in Cleveland Ohio.

Local is not going anywhere and the number of potential clients out there is continuing to grow as the more conventional businesses are starting to see more and more potential in the Internet.

People aren’t looking in the phonebook anymore to find a local service, they are using some sort of digital device and that represents a massive opportunity for everyone.

Business marketing using direct mail is a way to go.

Creating solid mailing lists can be a very powerful toll to of any online business, as it will give you a chance to send out tips, promotions, notices and anything else that is closely related to your product.

At the end, you will have a long term income and it will give you a chance to make some money form offers without vesting funds on advertising. Direct mail techniques give you an opportunity to have a contact and a relationship with your potential customers. That’s a very powerful position and solid opportunity to make profit.

Scratch off postcards are the new way to send direct mail.

Getting customers with direct mail is not a thing of some past times. Direct mail letter is one of the best marketing strategies and a ticket to success.

It may take longer but building your own list is very profitable – mainly because you have built a relationship with your list – once people know, like and trust you they will buy from you.

How To Use The Internet To Drive Visitors and Traffic

Are You Trying to Find New Customers?

Most of the time when I talk to business owners locally, they usually have no idea on the amount of traffic that they are getting to their website.

And when I go one step further and ask them about their conversions and tracking, well the look they give me is like a deer caught in the headlights.

Now knowing what your visitors are doing once they land on your is important, you must also determine the kind of visitors your website is attracting and look at ways to make sure that you are attracting the right target market.

The best way to get targeted visitors to your websites is through a process called search engine optimization, or SEO for short. When we set up our local Oklahoma City seo service to market to local business, we discovered that many businesses have no idea on the metrics on their site and how to evaluate traffic.

A website that is optimized so that search engines know what the site is about, is the best way to get targeted traffic. And these website visitors will be targeted and searching for what your business has to offer so they will convert at a much higher rate.

Start with the Basics First.

Ok so now let us assume that we have added the google analytics code to our website so that we can now track the data. The first thing you want to look at, is the bounce rate. The bounce rate will tell us if the online visitor is leaving your site immediately, or if they are sticking around and checking it out.

There are many factors in google algorithm that calculates your ranking for your website, bounce rate is one. The next type of data that you want to look at in the analytics data, are the acquisition tab. This will tell us how people are finding your site, of what keyword phrase they are typing into google to find you.

Once you discover what keywords are being used to find your site, you can now use that keyword phrase and then expand on that keyword. So this could simply mean making another page that talks about a related keyword, or creating another post on a similar topic.

What this does, is set up your niche site to be relevant around a particular topic. So the more pages you have that talk about a specific niche and have more videos and more content surrounding that topic, the more traffic you will get from google.

Content is indeed king.

So another very important factor in determining rankings for your site, is the content that you put onto your site. You want to always make sure that you use unique content. Whether that content is a blog post, video or image, you want to make it uniquely yours and not copy the content from another webpage.

Again. make sure that you create compelling content that keeps your visitors on your website. This makes google take notice to your site and will help boost your site in the rankings for the future. If you would like to learn more about how to optimize your website so that the search engines will love it, see here